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Bridal Hair, makeup and nail tips

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Bridal Hair, makeup and nail tips
Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. The last thing you need on your wedding day is nothing to go wrong. With proper planning, your wedding day will run perfectly. Whether you choose a makeup and hair for your day or choose to do it yourself, you should prepare for a Test Day Run for your bridal hair, makeup and nails. Here are some tips to help your wedding day run smoother.

1) Never cut your hair or drastically change your hair right before your wedding. If you want make a totally new look, do your experiment a few months before your wedding

2) Schedule a test for hair, makeup and nails a few weeks before the wedding day. This will ensure your stylist knows exactly what you want, and you'll know exactly how you want to look. Plan to bring your tiara, hair and all accessories  with you to the test, so you will know how your hair looks with all accessories.

3) Your makeup should be timeless and classic. If you're having a wedding party, you may want to play until one of the special features such as eyes or lips, but not both. Years after your wedding you want to watch your wedding photos and say how beautiful you looked, not how the trend has been terrible for raccoon eyes.

4) Your nails should be timeless and classic. Think subtle pink, ivory, or fishing. American or a French manicure is also a safe bet. But if you have a red themed wedding, and you really want the red nails, by all means do so, but realize that they stand out against your clothing. If you plan a specific color for nails, how to make a wedding dress fitting, so you will be able to see how your nails will look next to your dress.

5) Treat yourself and get a pedicure before your wedding. Many brides opt to match their nail polish, but if you wear closed-toe shoes, you can opt for something funky, like blue to match the old tradition of "something blue".

6) Never wear strong perfume on your wedding day. Some people are allergic May, and under the stress of your big day, the perfume can cause a headache.

7) make sure you pack your bag to include: lipstick, mirror, brush, tissues, aspirin, and mint.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fashion tips for petite women

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The body size can be a challenge for fashionis. Some have a hard time finding pants long enough for their legs; others must inevitably use the services of a seamstress to shorten skirts, dresses and pants. How women under 5 feet 4 inches do they dress to highlight? Are there any styles to avoid blunders ? Here are 10 fashion tips for petite women :

1. Locate the monochrome : if you are small, it is best to keep things simple by focusing on monochrome tones and simple cuts. Choose a set with similar hues, giving the impression to lengthen the silhouette.

2. Keep it simple: choose simple styles and stay away from big buckles, ruffles and shirts or skirts rustling. On a small size, they dominate the body quickly and easily make "little girl" instead of being elegant.

Fashion tips for petite women
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Fashion tips for women petite
more details
Fashion tips petite women for
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3. Think about proportions : looking clothes proportional. Do not choose jackets with too long sleeves or too pronounced shoulders. Opt for high falling preferably at the waist. When shopping, choose structured cuts and tops that emphasize the waist.

4. Keep the right leg : choose pants with legs straight and narrow. Wide cuts or flared leg shorter and seem to be smaller.

5. Choose a shoe pointed : Choose shoes with pointed tips and avoid the rather square ends that shorten the silhouette. If you are comfortable with the style and shoe heels go for at least 2 inches.

6. Show off your neck : Choose tops round or V neckline revealing the neck and chest. This will give the impression of being larger by releasing the torso and extending the silhouette.

Fashion tips women petite for
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tips Fashion for petite women
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tips Fashion for women petite
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7. Keep the length of skirts and dresses above the knee: do not hesitate to show your legs. Choose skirts and dresses that come to the knee or mid-thigh and leave out the long styles that tend to shorten the silhouettes. Mini-skirts are perfect for small sizes, depending on your age and your body style.

8. Think straight and narrow : like the pants, go for straight skirts and narrow. These types of cuts lengthen the silhouette and create an effect of magnitude.

9. Choose small print : if you want a printed top, choose small simple patterns and monochrome. Avoid bold prints that tend to overwhelm the silhouette of small sizes.

10. Prefer fluid materials: choose light and fluid materials such as silk or linen, which fall well on the body and avoid rigid and thick fabrics. As for knitting, choose fine mesh models that are proportional to small sizes.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seductive black toenails

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The black color does not always mean sadness. The black color could be interpreted mysteries, wild, decisive even sexy. Coloring toenails with black can be very attractive and seductive. Here are tips colored toenails with black:
black toenails coloring

Wiped Toenails with cotton that has been given a wipe solution to clean of dust, residue, and as an antiseptic.
After a nail cleaner, polish toenail with black paint evenly. Once dry, use again wipe solution to remove the dust

On the base of toenails, make half circle using silver glitter nail art colors. Than attach silver Swarovski as additional accent.

Keep your nails healthy

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Want to beautify your nails with nail polish? Changing the color of nail polish every day? Not a problem. But still have to keep your nails healthy. Here are tips to keep your nails healthy :

Keep your nails healthy

  • Get used to using a base coat before applying nail polish, as a first step to made protection of the nail.
  • The skin around the nails prone to drought. For daily care, use of nail vitamin and hand nail lotion.
  • If you want long nails without the hassle, nail extension could be an option. But, to do with attention to proportion and avoid finger nails form extravaganza that is not too excessive, because nail polish colors are quite striking.
  • Treat nail extensions carefully, never thought to take care yourself. Leave to professional manicurist to the natural nail is not quickly broken.

6 Things about Facial Cleanser

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face cleanser
Facial cleanser is now more varied and specially formulated for busy women. Before using a cleaning face, read the first 6 of this.
  1. Feel the difference after cleaning the face. When the skin face was rough and as interested, it means that the product could potentially make your skin dry. Try reducing the dose.
  2. Dirt on the face can change the texture into oil dirty because it was mixed with solid cosmetics, foundation powder type of cake, dust and fumes of motor vehicles. How effectively remove them is to use cleansing is also made from oil. Provided that, if your face is oily, continue with the toner.
  3. Gel and foam type cleaners can lift excess oil layer to the maximum so that normal when it feels rough afterwards. During the reaction does not appear irritation such as redness, peeling or mottled. Afterwards, you may continue to wear them.
  4. Facial foam can indeed remove the dirt but not can lift make-up. Make up the residue, could lead to blackheads. For those of you who use heavy make-up almost every day, must use a cleanser and makeup remover.
  5. Do not clean your face by rubbing. Use cotton or facial tissue specific, not tissue usual. Use a washcloth occasionally.
  6. Types of tissue cleanser designed for instant results so that its content is to remove makeup and oil. Including hard when used every day, and can erode the skin's natural moisture. Used on certain conditions.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Choose the suit jeans

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Choose the suit jeans
You are tall and thin? Slender but bassetti? Do you have an athletic or even bestial? We try to advise you how to choose a pair of jeans can make you appear otherwise fit well without too minute or particularly great. A preliminary advice: when you find the right jeans, the one that fits your body type, purchase more than one pair. And once a year you renew your closet by getting rid of jeans that you dislike the most that have faded or have been processed.

Choose the suit jeans for tall and thin body shape

If you have been blessed with a physique like this, you will be better off jeans that are straight cut. Even the flared jeans will stay there too bad, especially if you have the sides a little 'loose: the cut a little' flare will balance your shape, and you'll soon have a stylish look. And you can even dare to wide leg jeans, why not, but being aware that you will give a very casual allure: better for a concert or a pizza for a college test.

Choose the suit jeans for lean body shape

If you are thin and of medium height, avoid jeans too tight, unless you intend to reproduce the look of a rock star (who suffers from hunger). And avoid too wide leg jeans, unless you want to play with auto-hide in your clothing. To give you a look that, choose jeans with low waist straight, and let a couple of inches of fabric in more with each leg. To slim the figure, slightly flared jeans will fit well. To give a certain "tone" to your back, try jeans with back pockets large, possibly with implications.

Choose the suit jeans for athletics body shape

The athletic and muscular types look good in baggy jeans: better to imagine what kind of a toned body is beneath the jeans rather than giving the impression that the muscles are about to burst under the fabric. And if the goal is also to showcase your hard work daily on the buttocks, back pockets, choose small and distant.

Choose the suit jeans for high and heavy body shape

If you're big and strong, avoid flared jeans will make you look mammoth. The wide leg jeans, yes, they are perfect to hide love handles and hips slightly Buff, but should not be chosen too wide: should softly caress your body wrap at no mo 'of canvas circus. On the rear, to create an effect slimmer, choose jeans with pockets deep and wide, possibly close to each other

Combine jeans for men

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Combine jeans for men
To feel self-confident and at ease is good to wear clothes that are in tune with their own style and personality.

Although a man is 'forced' from his work to dress in an elegant and formal, not because it cannot customize your look with an important accessory, such as a pair of sunglasses Lozza or ipad's sporty Momo Design .

The simpler the discourse of leisure: removed the shoes 'serious', everyone can indulge a preference for matching clothes and more in line with your mood. Most men love to wear a nice pair of jeans, comfortable and above all informal.

Although it is said that the denim go well matched a bit of everything, there are still small rules to keep in mind.

First you have to avoid wearing a head the color of jeans or a similar tone: to avoid the so-called 'pajamas', would agree precisely to break with a sweater or a t-shirt of a different hue.

To be dressed in trendy yet sporty, the jeans should be worn with a t-shirt with short sleeves, a sweater and a pair of sneakers from the street line that can be Adidas, DATE or Vamp.

A must, with the jeans, the belt is: on one occasion as a casual cocktail party should always be combined with a shoe and an opportunity for more easily, as it may be a pizza with friends or a Sunday, you can also be less stringent.

Used in place of a pair of slacks and wearing a coat of one color, the jeans are to 'play down' their outfits: for those with a style a bit dandy and is very attentive to fashion, it can also fit a pair of loafers Tod's , strictly taken without socks.

For the man from the urban style, instead of moccasins you can always opt for a pair of sneakers high class such as a pair of Dolce & Gabbana or Richmond.
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