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Combine jeans for men

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Combine jeans for men
To feel self-confident and at ease is good to wear clothes that are in tune with their own style and personality.

Although a man is 'forced' from his work to dress in an elegant and formal, not because it cannot customize your look with an important accessory, such as a pair of sunglasses Lozza or ipad's sporty Momo Design .

The simpler the discourse of leisure: removed the shoes 'serious', everyone can indulge a preference for matching clothes and more in line with your mood. Most men love to wear a nice pair of jeans, comfortable and above all informal.

Although it is said that the denim go well matched a bit of everything, there are still small rules to keep in mind.

First you have to avoid wearing a head the color of jeans or a similar tone: to avoid the so-called 'pajamas', would agree precisely to break with a sweater or a t-shirt of a different hue.

To be dressed in trendy yet sporty, the jeans should be worn with a t-shirt with short sleeves, a sweater and a pair of sneakers from the street line that can be Adidas, DATE or Vamp.

A must, with the jeans, the belt is: on one occasion as a casual cocktail party should always be combined with a shoe and an opportunity for more easily, as it may be a pizza with friends or a Sunday, you can also be less stringent.

Used in place of a pair of slacks and wearing a coat of one color, the jeans are to 'play down' their outfits: for those with a style a bit dandy and is very attentive to fashion, it can also fit a pair of loafers Tod's , strictly taken without socks.

For the man from the urban style, instead of moccasins you can always opt for a pair of sneakers high class such as a pair of Dolce & Gabbana or Richmond.


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