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Wedding dresses for fat bride

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Brides always want to find the perfect wedding dress, but everyone has a different body shape and appearance in accordance with the bride dresses oversized easy. In fact, the size of the body, though, as it may be the best dress, the bride just knows in which direction to point and avoid places. Some tips below will help the bride with a great physique when choosing a wedding dress:

Wedding dresses for fat bride

- Body hugging fabric VD silk, satin, taffeta ... help slim body. In addition, accessories such as flowers, chiffon and ingenious fold line on the skirt will help hide flaws and areas too thick.

- Focus on the small details, VD beaded motifs, embroidery and lace ... This helps GIAM attention on the areas you want to hide. The harmonious combination of colors on a wedding dress, belt or scattered at the foot of the breast is a great way to hide the body.

Wedding dresses for bride fat

- The bride should pay attention to the neckline; antique carved bride can be made more difficult. However, subtle V-shaped neck cut, moderately deep will shape a young bride and more slender. Ancient heart shape also came bouncing around the bride.

- You need to click on the point you feel most confident. For example, long legs, slim waist, then decide on the style of the skirt to show the advantages of the body.

- Sleeveless style clothing often feels great shoulders and arms, to use more fat brides choose Nene wired or sleeve wedding dress, in order to restrict attention to the hands. Lace sleeves are a choice and reasonable elements and very true trend.

Wedding dresses fat bride for

- Select skirt design is probably the most important factor oversized brides interested Joe. If the bride's waist is too big, the waist dresses from the bottom of the chest, the expansion of the hips and hugged the three and spread wide in the tail. Equilibrium shape of the skirt above and below the body will create a sense of balance. However, you also have to pay attention if the skirt is too bus can make the bride look too short and louder.


  1. Please help, where can I find either of the two top dresses for sale, I've got my heart set.

    1. Hi Belinda! I LOVED this dress as well. I actually pinned it on Pinterest and found the website to order from. It is Good luck! You will FAB!

    2. you can find here :

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