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Choose the suit jeans

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Choose the suit jeans
You are tall and thin? Slender but bassetti? Do you have an athletic or even bestial? We try to advise you how to choose a pair of jeans can make you appear otherwise fit well without too minute or particularly great. A preliminary advice: when you find the right jeans, the one that fits your body type, purchase more than one pair. And once a year you renew your closet by getting rid of jeans that you dislike the most that have faded or have been processed.

Choose the suit jeans for tall and thin body shape

If you have been blessed with a physique like this, you will be better off jeans that are straight cut. Even the flared jeans will stay there too bad, especially if you have the sides a little 'loose: the cut a little' flare will balance your shape, and you'll soon have a stylish look. And you can even dare to wide leg jeans, why not, but being aware that you will give a very casual allure: better for a concert or a pizza for a college test.

Choose the suit jeans for lean body shape

If you are thin and of medium height, avoid jeans too tight, unless you intend to reproduce the look of a rock star (who suffers from hunger). And avoid too wide leg jeans, unless you want to play with auto-hide in your clothing. To give you a look that, choose jeans with low waist straight, and let a couple of inches of fabric in more with each leg. To slim the figure, slightly flared jeans will fit well. To give a certain "tone" to your back, try jeans with back pockets large, possibly with implications.

Choose the suit jeans for athletics body shape

The athletic and muscular types look good in baggy jeans: better to imagine what kind of a toned body is beneath the jeans rather than giving the impression that the muscles are about to burst under the fabric. And if the goal is also to showcase your hard work daily on the buttocks, back pockets, choose small and distant.

Choose the suit jeans for high and heavy body shape

If you're big and strong, avoid flared jeans will make you look mammoth. The wide leg jeans, yes, they are perfect to hide love handles and hips slightly Buff, but should not be chosen too wide: should softly caress your body wrap at no mo 'of canvas circus. On the rear, to create an effect slimmer, choose jeans with pockets deep and wide, possibly close to each other

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