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6 Things about Facial Cleanser

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Facial cleanser is now more varied and specially formulated for busy women. Before using a cleaning face, read the first 6 of this.
  1. Feel the difference after cleaning the face. When the skin face was rough and as interested, it means that the product could potentially make your skin dry. Try reducing the dose.
  2. Dirt on the face can change the texture into oil dirty because it was mixed with solid cosmetics, foundation powder type of cake, dust and fumes of motor vehicles. How effectively remove them is to use cleansing is also made from oil. Provided that, if your face is oily, continue with the toner.
  3. Gel and foam type cleaners can lift excess oil layer to the maximum so that normal when it feels rough afterwards. During the reaction does not appear irritation such as redness, peeling or mottled. Afterwards, you may continue to wear them.
  4. Facial foam can indeed remove the dirt but not can lift make-up. Make up the residue, could lead to blackheads. For those of you who use heavy make-up almost every day, must use a cleanser and makeup remover.
  5. Do not clean your face by rubbing. Use cotton or facial tissue specific, not tissue usual. Use a washcloth occasionally.
  6. Types of tissue cleanser designed for instant results so that its content is to remove makeup and oil. Including hard when used every day, and can erode the skin's natural moisture. Used on certain conditions.

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