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Natural Facial Exfoliating : Sugar facial scrub

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Natural Facial Exfoliating
Natural facial exfoliating is needed because occasionally the face takes extra care to remove dead skin cells that can cause the skin to appear rough, dull and prone. Usually you do this treatment at a beauty treatment center which cost expensive and specialized leisure time.

Start this week with a fresh, healthy, glow face with natural facial exfoliating. Natural facial exfoliating with sugar facial scrub and do not cost a lot of time. Quite easy, you just use sugar as basic materials.

* First, wash your face with your favorite soap (bar or liquid form) using warm water until foamy.
* Then, pour 1 tablespoon of white sugar into the palm of your hand
* Apply white sugar to the entire face and massage gently with circular movements (avoiding the eye)
* No need to squeeze, let the sugar work by itself. Let stand for a moment the sugar scrub on your face.
* Finally, rinse your face with warm water until completely clean. And dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Fine grains of sugar can serve as a natural scrub. If you routinely perform this natural facial exfoliating technique with the sugar facial scrup, healthy, fresh and glow face skin will be yours

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