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Ten fashion tricks to make the leaner

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1. Emphasize instead of hiding
What woman can not hide, it should deliberately set the scene. So: Do ​​not worry about colors, body-hugging dress, high heels or low neckline.

2. Versatile and other surprise show
Everyone has his moods. Show this on their own fashionable way. Surprise your environment and your site is perfect. Tip: Have your every whim for the right outfit in the closet.

3.  Slip into roles
Play with your diva-like self in itself. And you are always a bit unpredictable and therefore interesting to others.

4. Accessories are fun
Whether a long chain, scarf, big earrings or sunglasses sweeping - striking accessories are always a head turner and attention often sent on small problem areas.

5. Discover your own princesses feeling
Agree with itself, which "desired state" and you want to present you internalize it. And you make this must-own for personal wellness program. Not the dress size make women sexy, but their sensuality and the staging of what she has.

6. Maintain rituals
Make your life beautiful - for your own personal requirements. This gives you a good feeling and you step forward to each a certain self-consciousness.

7. Enjoy the moment with yourself
Put the bad conscience from. You are what you are. And you are exactly right, as long as you feel comfortable.

8. Do you love being a woman
There are things that make life easier. One of them is to be a woman. Do you feel as a woman. You also have the right to do so, despite a couple of pounds too much.

9. Work with tricks
Tape, hair dye, false nails - everything is allowed. Take advantage of these things in order to tune in the right place.

10. Everything is relative and transitory
Beauty ideals are so fast that you should be impressed not too much of. What was important today, tomorrow is out. Look at it this way: At all times the wishes of beauty ideals of what women back then was not.

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