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Bridal Hair, makeup and nail tips

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Bridal Hair, makeup and nail tips
Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. The last thing you need on your wedding day is nothing to go wrong. With proper planning, your wedding day will run perfectly. Whether you choose a makeup and hair for your day or choose to do it yourself, you should prepare for a Test Day Run for your bridal hair, makeup and nails. Here are some tips to help your wedding day run smoother.

1) Never cut your hair or drastically change your hair right before your wedding. If you want make a totally new look, do your experiment a few months before your wedding

2) Schedule a test for hair, makeup and nails a few weeks before the wedding day. This will ensure your stylist knows exactly what you want, and you'll know exactly how you want to look. Plan to bring your tiara, hair and all accessories  with you to the test, so you will know how your hair looks with all accessories.

3) Your makeup should be timeless and classic. If you're having a wedding party, you may want to play until one of the special features such as eyes or lips, but not both. Years after your wedding you want to watch your wedding photos and say how beautiful you looked, not how the trend has been terrible for raccoon eyes.

4) Your nails should be timeless and classic. Think subtle pink, ivory, or fishing. American or a French manicure is also a safe bet. But if you have a red themed wedding, and you really want the red nails, by all means do so, but realize that they stand out against your clothing. If you plan a specific color for nails, how to make a wedding dress fitting, so you will be able to see how your nails will look next to your dress.

5) Treat yourself and get a pedicure before your wedding. Many brides opt to match their nail polish, but if you wear closed-toe shoes, you can opt for something funky, like blue to match the old tradition of "something blue".

6) Never wear strong perfume on your wedding day. Some people are allergic May, and under the stress of your big day, the perfume can cause a headache.

7) make sure you pack your bag to include: lipstick, mirror, brush, tissues, aspirin, and mint.

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