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Fashion tips for petite women

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The body size can be a challenge for fashionis. Some have a hard time finding pants long enough for their legs; others must inevitably use the services of a seamstress to shorten skirts, dresses and pants. How women under 5 feet 4 inches do they dress to highlight? Are there any styles to avoid blunders ? Here are 10 fashion tips for petite women :

1. Locate the monochrome : if you are small, it is best to keep things simple by focusing on monochrome tones and simple cuts. Choose a set with similar hues, giving the impression to lengthen the silhouette.

2. Keep it simple: choose simple styles and stay away from big buckles, ruffles and shirts or skirts rustling. On a small size, they dominate the body quickly and easily make "little girl" instead of being elegant.

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3. Think about proportions : looking clothes proportional. Do not choose jackets with too long sleeves or too pronounced shoulders. Opt for high falling preferably at the waist. When shopping, choose structured cuts and tops that emphasize the waist.

4. Keep the right leg : choose pants with legs straight and narrow. Wide cuts or flared leg shorter and seem to be smaller.

5. Choose a shoe pointed : Choose shoes with pointed tips and avoid the rather square ends that shorten the silhouette. If you are comfortable with the style and shoe heels go for at least 2 inches.

6. Show off your neck : Choose tops round or V neckline revealing the neck and chest. This will give the impression of being larger by releasing the torso and extending the silhouette.

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7. Keep the length of skirts and dresses above the knee: do not hesitate to show your legs. Choose skirts and dresses that come to the knee or mid-thigh and leave out the long styles that tend to shorten the silhouettes. Mini-skirts are perfect for small sizes, depending on your age and your body style.

8. Think straight and narrow : like the pants, go for straight skirts and narrow. These types of cuts lengthen the silhouette and create an effect of magnitude.

9. Choose small print : if you want a printed top, choose small simple patterns and monochrome. Avoid bold prints that tend to overwhelm the silhouette of small sizes.

10. Prefer fluid materials: choose light and fluid materials such as silk or linen, which fall well on the body and avoid rigid and thick fabrics. As for knitting, choose fine mesh models that are proportional to small sizes.

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