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Summer Fashion for every curve

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Summer fashion - so it was not long teasing! In particular, the maxi dresses from short to be good-humored ladies shine sexy or sporty. Whether gentle lolly colors, figure-hugging hippie glamour pieces or transparent parts - this fashion makes the summer even better: we show in our slide show ten summers clothing for every figure.

Two colors - a clothes-highlight

Summer Fashion every curve for
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Summer Fashion for curve every
more details
Summer Fashion for every curve
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So-called two-tone dresses are always a focus, whether getting around town or at your desk. The highlight: The dress looks as if it consisted of two parts with solid-colored skirt and top in one color and the sporty-chic style case is cut. A tip: If you have strong legs you'd better choose a model with a darker color below, with a lush contrast, a dress Bust cheats slim with dark top. Depending on the occasion you choose the right color combinations: the black-white contrast is particularly elegant in the evening, refreshingly bright orange to blue during the day and the white-gold combination, you dressed up in the night glamorous.

Sorbet colors - so sweet and sensual
Fashion Summer for every curve
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Summer Fashion every for curve
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Summer for Fashion every curve
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In addition, soft candy colors like peach, mint or lemon yellow, the darlings of the latest summer fashions. Whether worn as a sports shirt or elegant blouses dress - the gentle tones flatter every complexion. Combined with metallic accessories you kill two birds with one stone fashion trends. For silver or golden shimmering shoes, bags and ornaments can be the soft colors are festive. They are the perfect accompaniment to the wedding or summer party. Fifties dresses are excellent with deep halter neckline and playful, mid-length skirt length curvy women. Fashion-conscious slim silhouette with access to the calf-length and close fitting tube dress

Better to emphasize leg or breast?

Is it to be less festive, but quickly go to the beach or in the city park, two dresses are perfect: Mini and Maxi. The short models, like with little flowers, in the nautical look or Africa-set pattern beautiful, shapely legs perfectly. For those that have strong thighs and a couple more pounds on the hips should choose at least knee-length dresses. Stocky calves disappear beneath the trendy maxi dress with hippie or ikat pattern. For here the cleavage must be like something bigger and emphasizes the waist with a belt. Even sophisticated - whether mini or maxi - in summer silks, the slightly transparent and allow the wearer look seductive airy. But be careful with transparent summer fashion: It's perfect for the beach party, but prohibited in the office.

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