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Wedding Fashion Trends 2013 - Top 5!

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Today we talk about bridal fashion direction in 2013. Every year, wedding fashion is influenced by specific bridal trends, followed by many brides, inspired by new styles, decor and entertainment. In this article we look at the Top 5 wedding trends of 2013. Enjoy and do not forget to tell us which one you like the most!

The trend of number 1 - Peppermint Green - the main color of 2013!
Of all the wedding trends, we like it the most. Peppermint green color has been extremely popular this year on the catwalks, but because it will also be at many weddings in 2013. This color is very refreshing image that looks polished and combined with many other colors, creating a unique wedding palette of shades. Use your imagination, because this color can be added anywhere - bridesmaids' dresses, shoes, jewelry, central objects, wedding cake, invitations, decorations, flowers, ribbons or rosettes, and even transportation. There is no limit to your imagination! Here are a few ideas:
Wedding Fashion Trends 2013

2013 Wedding Fashion Trends

The trend of number 2 - braids are back!
In 2013, there are many hair styles for brides. The good news is that today's variety of hairstyles, every bride can find the one she will wear on her wedding day. Here are a few wedding hairstyles that are like these :

bridesmaid hair style

The trend of number 3 - designed in the style of laser cutting
Laser-cut style, in other words, applications and silhouettes cut from different materials come in wedding fashion of many areas, such as fashion ideas, the ideas of home decor and paper products. This trend will add vintage style to your wedding will complement the various elements of the wedding and make a general view of the celebration even more amazing. Below we offer a few ideas:

laser cut style ring

The trend of number 4 - wood theme
This trend adds simplicity, freshness and uniqueness of many weddings in this style in 2013. If you have at least once in his life had been in a birch forest, then you know what we mean! Just as green Peppermint, birch bark can occur in any items from the central objects and ending dresses and numerous other wedding elements. Here is the sample :

wooden style wedding trends

The trend of number 5 - the background
Background backdrops become very popular in 2013. They perfectly complement the overall wedding decor; in addition, they may be made of any size, color and style. Most often they are used at the table Suite, table for gifts, table for the wedding cake at the altar, in the photos, next cocktail party tables, and at higher elevations of the speakers. Here are a few ideas:

wedding decoration

wedding background

One last tip is to make your wedding day truly memorable - Organize your wedding in your own style, so that it was just your wedding! Do not use common and traditional ideas, just because everybody does. This is your day and let it be a reflection of your style, your ideas and your personality. Why stop at a traditional limo, white wedding cake or the usual wedding dress? Use your imagination and let your wedding will be a truly unique! Let your guests will say with a smile: "It was really her wedding, and the wedding I do not forget it!"

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