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Hair masks with egg yolk

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Hair masks with egg yolk
Homemade hair mask with egg yolk will help highlight all of their dignity, and get rid of many flaws.

1. Nourishes the scalp and hair mask, which includes one egg yolk, two tablespoons of honey and onion. First mix the yolk with melted honey, then add the grated onion and mash until smooth. Then rub into the roots of the hair and scalp. Spread the remaining mixture over the entire length of hair. Wrap the head and the thickest film, pre-heated towel for an hour. As the cooling towels, change it to warm up. An hour later, thoroughly wash your head with warm water and shampoo. After a course of such masks hair starts to grow better, grow stronger and shiny.

2. For dry hair, mix two yolks with two tablespoons of oil arnica and the same amount of burdock oil and rub into the strands and scalp. Then wrap with cling film and a towel and hold the mask forty to fifty minutes. After that, all wash with warm water and shampoo suitable for you. Make such a mask once a week.

3. For normal hair, mix two yolks, forty grams of cognac and forty grams of water. Apply the mixture to clean hair from the roots and spread throughout. Cover your head for twenty minutes and then wash thoroughly with water at room temperature.

4. For oily hair, mix one egg yolk with two tablespoons of water and half a teaspoon of camphor oil. Then rub into the hair roots, hold five to ten minutes and rinse with warm water.

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