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The most fashionable hairstyles for Spring 2013

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Spring - it's that time of year when we do not just want to change, and we can not do without it. While some changes may be very obvious, such as a complete change of image with a new hairstyle, makeup and clothing, other changes are subtle, but nonetheless significant in their own way. In this article, we have collected information on the hottest hairstyles spring 2013 for those who have decided to put my hair differently or try a new hairstyle.

fashionable hairstyles for Spring 2013

Natural look and styling least - the main trends that can be seen on the catwalks this season.

Hair, climbed into the low beam messy - one of the most popular options, with which you can create a natural look and match the fashion trends of the season.

fashionable hairstyles for 2013 Spring

Naturally presented on the show Viktor & Rolf is very easy to repeat. The same wavy curls can be due to low braids!
for Spring 2013 fashionable hairstyles

Another fashion trend of the upcoming season is the effect of wet hair. This trend has been shown in many shows, including at the Barbara Bui. Personally we liked the image of the femme fatale made through hair and make-up, in which all the emphasis is focused on the lips.

Spring 2013 for fashionable hairstyles

Hair, getting into a sleek low ponytail, showing popular this season, minimalism, occupies an honored place in the list of the most fashionable hairstyles spring 2013. Hairstyle with a display of Elie Saab Spring 2013 is one of the easiest. All you need is to find similar hair accessories and create something similar with pins.

2013 Spring for fashionable hairstyles

Hairstyles inspired by the 60-ties of the presented on the show Louis Vuitton Spring 2013, is the fact that you can adopt to create an eloquent and memorable image.

Spring for fashionable hairstyles 2013

However, the simplicity and minimalism - not only fashion trends this season. On the runways were also presented and extravagant hairstyles. Luxury hairpieces from the show Temperley London Spring 2013 could not be overlooked. But this kind of hairstyle is suitable for any special occasion.

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