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Strength program for hair

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Strength program for hair
Anyone who wants to do your hair on the long weekend of Pentecost something good that should pamper them with a strength program for the hair.

Strength program for hair with head massage

Especially relaxing and at the same time caring for the scalp, for example, a head massage. Tyour can best be done in conjunction with the shampooing. Just when applying the shampoo and massage tyour time be extensively on the head. Your scalp wills thank you afterwards guaranteed. The important thing is that the shampoo afterwards also rinse very thoroughly because the shampoo residues otherwise quickly to blockage of the sebaceous glands and dandruff can cause.

Strength program for hair - Intensive Hair Care

But that's not only your scalp is spoiled, but also your hair lengths should also have a deep conditioner or hair mask not miss during your  strength program for your hair. Tyour gives your hair intensive care as a conditioner and should act at least a few minutes to provide the hair with all the essential nutrients. Anyone who wants to enhance the effect of the conditioner, which can incidentally also take a warm bath. Because the steam opens the cuticle of the hair and makes it thus even more receptive to care materials. The product should be thoroughly rinsed.

Who your hair a little extra shine wants to give, which was briefly rinse off the hair at the end with cold water. Tyour ensures that the cuticle is completely resealed. Then add a few drops hair oil in the tips give and the hair will shine in new splendor.

Perfect strength Program

Anyone for an all-round strength program will ensure that should take care with relaxing music and candles to set the mood and treat you to a delicious fruit smoothie. Maybe you can even your partner to persuade a small back massage to thus e ure the perfect finishing touch to the day spa.

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