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Advice to Choose Bride Lingerie

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Advice to choose bride Lingerie
What criteria determine the choice of bride lingerie for D-Day? "The dress, of course!". These advice to chooce bride lingerie :

Thus, with a strapless dress, a strapless bra, with smooth shell, is evidence. There are now very well, until the caps D. Caps for deeper, difficult to maintain a truly effective with a bra band. Furthermore, the shape bustier is perhaps not the most aesthetic for generous breasts.

Under a dress with American armholes, choose a bra with clear straps, tying behind the neck, halter-type. For this style of dress, many brand also offers a clever system, the "link accomplice": this is a small knot to tighten the straps in the back.

With a cross back dress, the bride would more a bra with straps halter-type, or with straps crossing in the back.

For small chests, there are now all sorts of tricks: Padded bra (with pads), push-up system ... Feel free to use these devices, your dress will be even more development value. However, pay attention to the form basket, on generous breasts; she tends to "cut in”...

The fabric of the dress, and particularly its transparency, is also taken into account. Under an elaborated dress, all lace and embroidery, a lace bra can go unnoticed. Conversely, in a case of silk, the bride will benefit from selecting a lingerie invisible second skin micro fiber, to avoid unsightly marks.

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