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8 steps to apply Blue Eye shadow

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Blue eye shadow is the make-up trend for summer season. This bold color can not be used by any woman. Then, choose the color blue with wisdom. Choose a blue eye shadow that suits your complexion. For example, women should choose is not as dark blue, light-skinned woman can try the trick of the light as well as sparkling blue eyes. To carry the bold look this summer with trendy eye shadow, you need to know the simple steps to apply on your eyes.
Steps to apply blue eye shadow :
  1. Associate brown or blue eye shadow with the naked eye color. This mixture makes the blue color looks attractive. You can combine blue with brown make-up for a day or silver for a night out. If you can bring color gray then you can try with the blue eye shadow.
  2. Dark blue eye shadow is best complimented with a silver or gray eye shadow. In short, dark colors are best mixed with lighter tones, and vice versa.
  3. First, purify and tone the face including the upper eyelid. Take care so that no liquid enters the eye.
  4. Apply foundation on your face. Spread a little 'up as the lower eyelid. This makes the eye makeup last longer.
  5. Blue eye shadow Apply sparingly of the upper eyelid. Use eye makeup brush to make the task easier. Roll out the blue eye shadow on the upper eyelid. Make sure that has not spread to the eyebrow bone.
  6. Use a thin brush to spread a little 'blue eye shadow at the ends of your eyes. Has not spread around to the point where my nose begins.
  7. Now take the brown or any other color. To blend your eye makeup, apply a lighter shade of this eye shadow under the brow bone. Cover the outside corners of the eyes, if necessary.
  8. Also apply this eye shadow on the lower eyelid. A thin line will be an ideal spot to test the perfect makeup blue eye.
Blue makeup can be proved in any skin tone. But, women with brown eyes can use this eye shadow in the best way to show off their eyes.

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