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Hair styling with colored hair extensions

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Hair styling with colored hair extensions - Many women, especially  teens like it when their hair is trendy colored. However, this desire is often the cause of disagreement between parents and their offspring, especially when it comes to permanent coloring of the hair in unusual colors. Most of the time these decides in favor of the parents; the desire of children remains so mostly unheard. It is now no problem, to fulfill this wish by means of alternative, non permanent methods. 

A good alternative would be, for example, the use of colored hair extensions. There are for example hair extensions to clip in many different color variations. These can be so tie up that it is almost not to notice the difference between the hair extension and the own hair. For this few strands of colored hair extensions in the own hair be linked up, how this happens exactly as demonstrated below in the video. Thus it is possible any shades in the hair weave and hairstyle so trendy accent to create, without requiring the coloration of the hair is permanent.

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